Bull Str. Production Studio was founded in 2016 by Panos Topalidis

in collaboration with Nick Vettas.
It’s a recording studio based in Edessa, GR and is located in Dionisiou Boulgouri 6 Street.

The studio provides a great amount of gear for most of musicians, a very comfortable live room for rehearsals or studying
and excellent recording quality and production for your album.

We’re happy to see you in our Studio and you’re most welcome to drop by and have a chat, play, record and produce music!

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Bull Str. Studio

The Bullstr. Productions team concists of 3 members:

Panos Topalidis - Musician/Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer

Nick Vettas - Audio Engineer

Panos Zeireklidis - Guitar and Bass Service for Recordings

The main reason we started this project was because of our passion of music, sound and also our love for experiments.
That's why we started using the cympad products so we can have better sounding cymbals, which means, If we have a good
drum recording, the results of the full recording are gonna be 100% great!
We are always at your service for whatever you want to do with your albums, we’re here to record your songs
with our analogue system, edit it, mix it and produce it if you tell us so!

Check out our gear so you can see for yourself! Keep it real and make music!