Cympad Chromatic Series

Customize The Look Of Your Cymbal Set

Chromatic cymbal washers come in a wide selection of color options that allow drummers to contrast, compliment and customize the look of their drum and cymbal sets.

And, because they are made from CYMPAD’s exclusive high-density, cellular “Memory” foam, Chromatics also provide significant sound and performance enhancements when compared to old-fashioned felt washers. Uniform in size and shape, Chromatics are durable, colorful and recommended for the tops and bottoms of cymbals in all drumming styles and situations.

Cympad Chromatics Availability

Cympad Chromatics, cellular foam cymbal washers in a variety of bright, attractive colors, is the third and latest series of cellular foam cymbal washers from Cympad. It seemed that drummers enjoyed the ability to enhance the sound and customize the look of their drumkits as Chromatics quickly became a top selling drum accessory all around the world

Cympad Chromatics SE Series

Developed to reveal the sound of cymbals and enhance the look of drumsets, Cympads Chromatics SE cymbal washers are available in a new Camouflage special edition letting todays drummers show their skills in an exciting, new way. Chromatics SE provides all the features and benefits of standard Chromatics, including enhanced sound and feel as well as consistency, durability and visibility.
Watch for more Chromatics SE models coming soon.

Cympad Chromatics SE Camouflage