HERITAGE were formed back in November 2006, by Kostas and Dimos. In April 2007, the Band released its first demo entitled One more for the road as a three-piece act. HERITAGE have gained popularity and have become known for their dynamic live performances, while acquiring experience as a band and developing their own heavy rock-metal sound and identity. Later on, in the summer of 2008 - with the addition of a second guitarist - they recorded their first full length album: Herencia on the Road. In April 2009, HERITAGEs song: One more beer for the road aired on Radio Arvyla (one of the most popular television shows in Greece - broadcasted by ANT1), gained great exposure and not only did they catch the public eye but they also caught the attention of the mass media. Since the summer of 2011, after a few line-up changes, the band began to become more dynamic and more technical than ever. In January 2012, in collaboration with George Bokos (Stone Cold Dead, ex. Rotting Christ) of Grindhouse Studio, they started the pre-production of their second album. A year later Heritage finished their second album which was produced by George Bokos. In October 2015, they released their second album: LAW. The band has had over 100 live appearances, in notorious Rock venues across Greece. They shared the stage with the likes of Gus G, Mats Leven, Holocaust, Nightstalker, Lord 13 and Deus Ex Machina. The fans of HERITAGE call themselves the Herencia Crew and follow the band wherever they go with a passion.