My name is Nikos Vafeidis

I’m twenty years old (21) and I play the drums for over a decade – almost 13 years. I’m from Ierissos, a town in northern Greece (Chalkidiki) and the last three years I live in Thessaloniki. Starting the drums was very challenging. For my first drum kit  i used paint buckets , and after 5 months of ‘’practicing’’ , my parents got me a real drumkit!

This season (2013-2014) was the best for my drum career so far.

I got selected by the ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music – Guilford), took part in many live concerts with my groups and got selected as the drummer for the “Alexander - Rock Opera ‘’ (State Theatre of Northern Greece) and ‘’ Godspell ’’ (State Theatre of Northern Greece) .I also play with four Groups and many projects such as ,“Walking Stone Giants, “Trio Mathaf@ckah” , “End of Innocence” , ‘’George Fokas & The Folks’’ and had a full season, with one , (sometimes two-three) gigs a week. After all this work ,

I need my space , my time with the drums. My favorite thing to do , is improvisation! Just sitting and playing with odd signatures , polyrhythms , but also feeling good with the instrument!

Nikos Vafeidis
Nikos Vafeidis

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