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Alessio Antoni (born March 14th 1986) is an Italian musician/drummer, lyricist, sound designer. Alessio currently plays drums and percussion in Alma Flua, his acoustic trio, which he tours nationally with. Alma Flua released a live-in-studio self-titled EP in 2014 (now sold out) and another EP in 2016 entitled “Love. Billie’s Law” that have been streamed online over 60.000+ times. He also runs his own electronic project NERATERRΖ, with which he released “The NHART Demo[n]s” on September 2017, an album that gathers a collection of early tracks and reworks combining Ambient, Death Industrial, Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Noise elements and Drone.
Alessio has played gigged and recorded
Antoni Alessio Alessio has been producing, editing and handling both mixing and mastering duties for both the bands since 2009. Started as a self-taught musician, Alessio got into music at the age of 5, when he owned his very first drum-set. Progressively, he studied piano for five years and got into guitar studies for a couple of years, at a later time he came back to his first love. In his mid-twenties Alessio attended lessons at Modern Music Institute, the studies were mainly focused on polyrhythm, interdependence, progressive drumming concepts. He attended ear-training / harmony / composition classes and workshops held by Gavin Harrison, Jojo Mayer, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, to name a few. Alessio has played, gigged and/or recorded with (spanning from Thrash Metal to Prog Rock to acoustic contexts): Dreams Of Darkness, Mosche Da Bar, Nightaim, Aim, Wine Of Death, Logos, Revangel, Fool Puppets, Cycle Project, BAM Trio, FireLane, NHART, Stamford Island, Croma7, Argaiv/bAd, NERATERRΖ, Alma Flua. Among his most influential drummers (mere alphabetical order): Gavin Harrison, Jason McGerr, Jojo Mayer, Marco Minnemann, Martin Lopez, Mike Portnoy, Sean Reinert, Stewart Copeland, Thomas Lang, Todd Sucherman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Virgil Donati. Alessio is endorsed and exclusively uses products by: Birds Peak Films, Cympad, Diril Cymbals, Herzblut Instruments, R-Stick drum sticks, Vratim, TnR Products, Y&T Drums.
Alessio Antoni