Cympad company from Swiss continues to create innovations designed to meet the needs of modern drummers. Cympad products are represented in Greece by Bulkmusic group


The Harmony of Rhythm” and is designed to clarify the complexity of rhythm in a minimal basic rhythmic grid from which countless others derive. The conception of this idea is the result of years of research, experience and innovation by drummer and composer Kostas Anastasiadis, which aims to deepen expression and communication through the experiential approach to rhythm. It is not a matter of a different technique but a different function of the brain that distributes space-time differently, depending on the model one wishes to take, using numbers as an understanding and communication tool. It is an alternative perspective that explores the birth of rhythms and how they were formed from the same archetypal basis. Although they have the same pattern of structure, their sound is very different.

A rhythm devotee dedicated to the music with his drumsticks, a true artist who travels along every place to discover true moments of music life. His successful involvement in the musical scene brings out his special rhythm and his virtuosity. Showing the proper respect to his national roots he explores, studies, seeks the development of tradition and the cultural progress, creating a new wave of a sound.

He discovers new advanced techniques which are recognized from high standard musicians as unique and revolutionary for the art of drumming. Kostas demonstrated a talent as a percussionist so outstanding and an approach so unique that the Musicians Institute chose to create a special award on his behalf, that of “P.I.T. Unique Individual Stylist”.Kostas Anastasiadis has all these years collaborated with various musical ensembles in the world music scene. These experiences have crafted a rich and mature improvisational virtuosity that gives a unique pulse to each performance, in its place and time.