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Rafael Kyriakides comes from Cyprus, born at the beautiful city of Paphos. He has completed Music Drum lessons at the Musical Education Centre in Paphos. Attended Drum Seminars with professors: Foti Yiannopoulos, Michalis Kapilidis,Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer. He has completed 1st in cyprus: "awarding the contemporary art of london" "RSL level 3 Certificate In Popular Music Performance, Grade 8 ''with a grade of excellent (Distinction) in 2016. He has completed a Drum Study program at the Municipal Conservatory of Neapolis Sykeon in Thessaloniki _ Greece "in the year 2018 with the Professor Aggelos Valavanis Award-Winning FLCM. Collaboration with various pop rock bands. November 24 2012 has given a concert flamenco meets ethnic jazz with the world-famous guitarist flamenco" Oscar Guzaman. Was a drummer in the jazz group of Nastazio Gkoumas where they made an album called Word Access Year 2020. In july 2019, he completed his first Diploma in Cyprus In Music Performance Dip.RSL at level 4 ROCKSCHOOL.Teaches drums in Cyprus at drums studio "artoftempo" in collaboration with Rockschool International. Also teaches Darbuka, Cajon, Congas, Bongos. Collaborates with various artists singers from Greece and Cyprus
Rafael Kyriakides Art of Tempo
Art of Tempo offers simple yet effective drum lessons for beginners that bypass entry-level pad training. Students get behind a drum kit during their first lesson to start learning how to play the drums. Through private drum lessons, rehearsals and live performances, students will learn rudiments to drum fills and solos. Beginners learn how to read music and play basic drum beats on day one. Lessons progress to include medium full stroke rolls, rebounding double strokes, and singles to doubles exercises. More advanced drummers love to participate in our rock drumming program!
Get your RSL diploma. For every drum grade, students can plot their stylistic specialism, helping develop an in-depth understanding of the type of playing they identify with, whether this is pop, rock, metal, blues, country, funk, jazz or reggae. The Grade Drum exam is for candidates who have mastered advanced technical control and have a thorough grasp of extended stylistic techniques. At Grade this is shown through mature stylistic conviction, consummate execution of rhythmic complexity, mature and creative stylistic solo and improvisation work as well as a commanding sense of communication and performance. There are two types of exam available at Grade, Grade Exam or Performance Certificate.