Argy Deligiannopoulos

Hi my name is Artzi Deligiannopoulos from Zografou Athens ,I am a greek drummer, starting at 13 years old,and playing with school bands first ,and now i playing with greek metal gothic -stoner band Blossom Death

Kostas Katoikos - Frontman, Bass
Marita Makaronidi - Vocals
Manos Gonidakis - Lead Guitar
Argy Deligiannopoulos - Drums
Bastet Gantzi - Black Cat

Blossom Death
The band was formed in late 2018 in Varkiza,Greece by the former frontman/lyricist of Sorrowful Angels Kostas Katoikos, his wife Marita Makaronidi and the drummer Argy Deligiannopoylos.
A couple of days later the lead guitarist Manos Gonidakis entered the band when the frontman/bass player of Blossom Death asked him to come over his house and "try to play" the song I will remain from the American Southern Rock Band Hogjaw, that song was the reason that connected the members together to officially form the band.