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Tasos Peppas is a drummer, composer, author and teacher. He was born in Piraeus, Greece. He took drum lessons by many Greek drummers, such as Yannis Stavropoulos, Serafeim Bellos, Kallistratos Drakopoulos, Nikos Touliatos, Spyros Dorizas, Stratos Sidereas, Nikos Kapilidis, Nikos Beveratos. He graduated from the Modern Music School of Athens, with Yannis Stavropoulos as director of studies. He has attended seminars by Greek and International musicians, such as George Kollias, Nikos Sidirikastritis, George Palamiotis, Mampre Kasardjian, Sami Amiri, Dom Famularo, Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer and many others.
Ηe is a teacher at the Music School of Athens College, and the Music School Thalis.

Since 2003  he is a member of the famous Greek rock band Ypogeia Revmata and has performed concerts in Greece and Europe. He has recorded 8 albums. In 2020 their last album was released with the title "I gi poy afino". In 2007 he became a member of the progressive band Chewing Gun and he recorded 2 albums,In 2014 their last album was released with the title "Volume". From 2015  he is a member of the nujazz band Iota. In 2018 their debut album was released with the title "Part of something".

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