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My name is Raptis Christos and I play the drums. I was born in 24 June 1993 in Alexandroupolis where I live since today. I started playing drums at the age of 15 after a birthday gift from my friends which was an electronic drumset. I was self  taught  drummer  since  the  age of 18 when I join in the concervatory of my town with my current   teacher (Giannis Karakasidis). My influences and my style of playing are Rock-Nu metal-alternative rock. In 2014 I served the military in the military music band where I had the opportunity to play different instruments different styles and with many artists such as “Konstantinos Argyros” who is a well known greek singer. I am a member of many active bands in Alexandroupoli  “DeCeVo ,Κηφήνες,Αποτυπώματα,4Seasons” and other bands and one of the first members of  Musicians Club of Alexandroupolis. I have 2 albums with “DeCeVo and Κηφήνες” both recorded and released at 2018. My best  time of the day is when I sit alone with the drumset studying different techniques and playing along my favorite songs trying to improve the approach in the set.

Kifines is a band that plays Greek Rock Music from the Alexandroupolis Greece!

Chris Raptis uses Optimizers, Starter Pack and 60 mm 80 mm 90 mm Moderators and Chromatics Yellow foams.

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