Dimitris Stergiou born in Athens, Greece on the 21st of August 1984. He began playing at the age of 14 and took lessons from many respected greek drummers like George Polyhronakos, George Maniatis, Nikos Sidirokastritis and Michael Kapilidis. He has also taken the Professional Program course at Modern Music School of Athens. He has been on several greek and european tours and participated in many major festivals like Mighty Sounds in Czech Republic and Rockwave Festival in Greece. At this time he is member of Rodes United, His Majesty The King Of Spain and The Cave Children. As a session drummer he has participated in recordings and live shows with artists like Panayiotis Kalantzopoulos, Elli Paspala, Despo Varoudaki, Mighty Shakers, Giorgos Spanos, Kelly Kaltsi, Manos Aligizakis and many others.
Drums Instructor
Drums Instructor at Liouta Conservatory, Drums Instructor at Augusta Music School and Drums Instructor at Behraki Music School